Q. What is your training fee and when do I pay you?

A. Payment for training is due upon arrival of the horse(s). Our current price is $900.00/month full board/training and is due the same day each month.


Q. Can you pick up my horse?

A. Yes, we can pick your horse up, but an additional fee will apply with this service.


Q. What do I need to send with my horse?

A. We require the following information when you horse arrives:

  • Proof of Current Rabies/coggins
  • Vaccination Records
  • Payment for the first month of training
  • An information sheet of why you are sending us your horse so we can service you and your horses need better.
  • A completed Rose Hill Ranch Inc. standard training contract. (We will email it to you upon request).
  • Depending on the season, fly mask or sheet/blanket
  • Halter and lead.


Q. What should I do to prepare my horse for training?

A. We request that the horse be up to date with hoof care, teeth, vaccinations, and worming.


Q. What type and breed of horses do you train?

A. We accept horses of any breed and discipline. We specialize in colt starting, problem horses and performance horses. We do not have a lot of experience with gaited or driving horses, but we can refer you to reputable trainers that specialize in those disciplines.


Q. What type of training methods do you use?

A. We use Natural Horsemanship and gentle Traditional training techniques.


Q. Can I ride my horse while it is in training?

A. We prefer you do not ride your horse within the first few weeks of its training. We do encourage you to take some lessons with us before your horse goes home.


Q. Do I have to have a horse in training to take lessons?

A. No, you can take a lesson on your horse in training, you can bring your own horse, or use one of our lesson horses.


Q. How much are your lessons?

A. A private lesson is $40/hour and $25.half hour. We feel that any child or adult that has the desire should have the opportunity to ride! If lessons are not affordable for your family, please contact us and we will work with you.